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Results driven marketing solutions

For the past 10 years we’ve been focused on serving growth focused local businesses with results driven digital marketing.

Quality over quantity. Results over vanity. And service over show. This is how we do business.

Whether you’re a local business targeting a geographic area or a lodging property looking for ROI driven ways to capture direct bookings we’re here to help.

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Four pillars to local growth

Increase Awareness

Pillar 1

Target the right audience with the right message with the right strategy.

Optimize Conversions

Pillar 2

Clearly communicate your value and ask for an appropriate action from them.

Grow Reputation

Pillar 3

Build an online reputation that supports your long-term growth.

Build Connections

Pillar 4

Build connections to your past customers, future customers, and the local area.


What our Clients Say

"Red Oak has been a great partner with us for years. Matt and his team take our ideas and bring them to life - they are knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, and extremely client focused. With dedicated focus from Red Oak we have seen our wedding inquiries increase 5 fold!"
Anne Price
Owner, Christopher Place
“Red Oak has proven over and over again that contacting us and communication between us has been a priority… I would gladly recommend Red Oak to anyone that is seeking help with their marketing efforts, large or small.”
William Murray Montford Inn
William Murray​
Owner, Montford Inn​
"We have had a wonderful experience with Matt at Red Oak. He is very knowledgeable about websites, SEO, Google, reviews, etc. They are trustworthy and always available. They really look out for their clients and we put alot of trust in them!"
Kayla O'Connor
Marketing Manager, Earthadelic

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