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Results driven marketing

We’re focused on serving growth focused lodging properties with results driven digital marketing.

Quality over quantity. Results over vanity. And service over show. This is how we do business.

Explore our solutions and unique approach to help your lodging business reach travelers all across the vacation planning process.

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Reviews & Reputation

Your property’s reputation is everything. And online reviews is the first way people will encounter your reputation. With our comprehensive review & feedback service you can gain constant feedback on the satisfaction of your guests and turn them into the best marketing assets your property has ever seen.

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Smart websites

A smart website is one that’s focused on conversion. Converting browsers to leads and leads to direct bookers. The most important aspect of any lodging focused website is ensuring the visitor knows exactly what your business does, how it will solve their problem, and how to contact you to get the solution. It’s a sales employee for your business – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Local Search

Being found in Google search results will send you new guests each month like clock work if you’re in the right spots to reach your ideal guests. This long-term approach is one of our favorites to grow a sustainable source of high quality traffic for lodging properties.

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Content marketing

Most properties are content to tell their prospects that they are the best option. With targeted content marketing you can SHOW them. Our content marketing package is a done-for-you content system to get new people to your site, build their trust, and help them take action.


Paid advertising

Smart advertising campaigns through Google & Facebook should be strategic, creative, and unique. Why? Because when those elements are present, regardless of the industry, consistent results are produced. We typically blend a few approaches together to ensure you’re benefiting your business in both the short and long-term.

Our Difference

At Red Oak Local we focus on: Quality over Quantity. Results over Vanity. And Service over Show.

Here’s some unique aspects that set us apart from our competitors, large and small.

Local Marketing 100% of the Time

We’re relentlessly focused on marketing that reaches a local customer base. We’re not trying to work our way to contracts with large companies running national campaigns. We love working with small businesses and it’s a craft we’ve been refining for over a decade.

Driven By Excellence, Guided By Performance

It’s a privilege to help take local businesses to the next level of growth. It means more jobs, more stability, and a betterment for the community they serve. We’re driven to provide excellent work that delivers results for the businesses who depend on us. This often means our services are a higher price than our competitors. Our clients receive a better return on their investment in the short and long-term.

Detailed Tracking & Analysis

The beauty of digital marketing is that much of it can be tracked and analyzed. We use this data to refine our strategies and share transparent results with our clients.

We Don’t Do It All

There are a million tools and tactics in marketing. Many agencies try to do it all and end up delivering average, rushed work. We choose to specialize by answering two questions. What brings clear ROI to our clients? And what can we uniquely provide with excellence? The services listed on this page are a result of rigorously answering those questions with action over the past ten years.

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Four pillars to lodging growth

Increase Awareness

Pillar 1

Target the right audience with the right message with the right strategy.

Optimize Conversions

Pillar 2

Clearly communicate your value and ask for an appropriate action from them.

Grow Reputation

Pillar 3

Build an online reputation that supports your long-term growth.

Build Connections

Pillar 4

Build connections to your past customers, future customers, and the local area.

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What our Clients Say

"Red Oak has been a great partner with us for years. Matt and his team take our ideas and bring them to life - they are knowledgeable, efficient, flexible, and extremely client focused. With dedicated focus from Red Oak we have seen our wedding inquiries increase 5 fold!"
Anne Price
Owner, Christopher Place Resort
“Red Oak has proven over and over again that contacting us and communication between us has been a priority… I would gladly recommend Red Oak to anyone that is seeking help with their marketing efforts, large or small.”
William Murray Montford Inn
William Murray​
Owner, Montford Inn​

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