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Want Better TripAdvisor Rankings? Follow These Steps.

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tripadvisor_rankingsNo matter where in the world that your property is located, TripAdvisor and their user’s reviews are sure to have an impact on your business. And with over 170 million reviews left on the site its easy to see why.

TripAdvisor shares that their city rankings come exclusively from reviews of the properties in that area. Quality, quantity, and recency of those reviews are the three big factors that impact those rankings.

Want to improve your properties rankings? Here are just a few of the strategies we’ve used with clients that have helped them to grow their reviews and rankings and we’re confident it will help you too!

First, before you do anything ensure you are offering awesome service and have a great experience at your property. There is no marketing that can cure a poor experience. Great reviews can’t be extracted from a bad encounter with your property. Delight guests at every opportunity and they will be more than happy to help you rank much higher.

1. Be Proactive and Ask Guests to Leave Reviews

This is likely the most important step so I’m putting it right at the top.

Reach out to people who love your property. Those influencers who like every Facebook post, comment on your blogs, and stay with you often are your best advocates. Stay in touch with them often and show them appreciation. And of course every once in awhile ask for their help. Getting reviews on TripAdvisor is a way to ask for help.

2. Send Follow-up Emails to Recent Guests

Use your reservation booking engine to send emails to recent guests within a few days of their check out with you. It’s a great way to say thank you for their stay and to encourage a positive review. If you don’t have a reservation system to do this (you should!) then send them out manually a day after they leave.

3. Install a TripAdvisor widget on your Website

Install a button or widget (showing recent reviews) on your website. It will give social proof to potential guests trying to make a decision about your property but it also encourages past guests to leave a review. For example: you send out an email to your email list. This list includes past guests who click a link to read a great blog you just wrote on your website. On the sidebar of your website is a TripAdvisor review button that gives them an opportunity to share their opinion with you.

4. Hand Out Printed Cards In Person

Did a guest give you a glowing review at breakfast? Hand them a brief card with your TripAdvisor link and ask them to post it on the site. This personal ask from a staff member works very well.

5. Use TripAdvisor’s Review Express

Review Express is a free tool that allows you to upload recent guest emails and sends them a message asking for a review of your property. If you are already using follow-up emails to recent guests then don’t bombard with this one too but it’s a nice simple tool to quickly get more reviews.

6. Respond to All Reviews

Consider responding to all reviews even the positive ones. Just like the amazing service you provide in person responding to reviews shows that you are attentive and care about your guests. It may also encourage those about to leave a review (especially negative ones) that you care and soften what they are about to write. Studies also show that guests are more likely to book a stay with properties who respond to their reviews regularly.

7. Ask Your Email Subscribers

Ask your email subscribers to leave a positive review. You could say something such as… “Our business relies on positive reviews from past guests. If you have had a 5 star experience at [property name] would you take a few moments and share it on TripAdvisor? We so appreciate your help!” Place a button as well that encourages them to click. You don’t have to be obnoxious with it either as you can place it at the bottom of all the emails you send.

8. Place a TripAdvisor Link in Your Email Signature

You and your staff communicates with guests often through email. Place a small icon and link to TripAdvisor that is a soft reminder that you value reviews on the site.

The Bottom Line

Overall it’s not complicated to get good reviews or high TripAdvisor rankings. Keep your guests happy during their stay, connect with them online, and stay persistent in asking for their help and you will be well on your way.

We hope you found this list of free ideas to improve your TripAdvisor business rankings useful. If you have suggestions or feedback; please let us know!

Red Oak Hospitality Marketing provides reputation management for TripAdvisor for independent lodging clients as part of our integrated marketing packages. Contact us for a free 20 minute phone consultation where we can share suggestions and ways we can help your property get more heads in beds.

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